Route 343 In Line for Upgrades

Date Added: 12/03/2012
Route 343 In Line for Upgrades

Everyone is aware that Hirafu is overdue some upgrades. The delivery of the new Gondola this past winter was some welcome action and paid immediate dividends in the perception of the visitor and the future of the resort. Meanwhile, the discussions relating to the facelift for Hirafu Zaka continue - indeed, the other day there was a public sign meeting to further discuss the plans to rationalise and improve the signage on the hill - all encouraging stuff and something that will eventually will deliver some significant benefits. It is in keeping with this momentum then that Route 343 is now coming under discussion and as in the case with Hirafu Zaka, Tossani Architecture has started the debate with some pro bono input which seems to be one way of overcoming initial intertia and rallying community support. The road after all is the only way into the village and therefore a vital, strategic commercial artery and a future home to some of the retail space that the resort will one day offer.

The hope of course in time is that the resort offers a nicely blended environment with buried cables, pleasant pedestrian areas and a nice place to be all year round. How long this will take is a key question but you have to start somewhere!

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