A Host of Michelin Stars Assigned to Hokkaido and Niseko!

Date Added: 18/04/2012
A Host of Michelin Stars Assigned to Hokkaido and Niseko!

The legendary Michelin guide on which the careers of restauranteurs rise and fall has recently been released for Hokkaido. The guide awarded hallowed 3 star status to four restaurants namely Moliere (Sapporo, French), Nukumi (Sapporo, Sushi), Tanabe (Sapporo, Sushi) and Michel Bras (Lake Toya, French). There were some stars more locally here too with Kamimura and Makkarina both being awarded one star each, designating a very good restaurant in its category

The rating system, which is the same across all 23 countries that the guide services is based on the following taken from the Michelin dictionary:

Michelin has defined five criteria for awarding stars: the quality of the ingredients, the flair and skill in preparing them and combining flavors, the chef’s personality as revealed through the cuisine, value for money and the consistency of culinary standards. Stars reflect «what’s on the plate and only what’s on the plate.» In other words,
their award does not take into consideration the restaurant’s décor, the quality of its service, amenities and equipment or the availability of valet parking. Nor is the price of ingredients taken into account; a restaurant does not have to serve caviar or foie gras to earn a star. Instead, the star rewards the quality of the selected products.

It is officially in sale from 20th April and I am sure it will sell well and provide a much needed definitive guide to the treasury of food that is Hokkaido.

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