Much Does It Cost to Build a House in Niseko?

Date Added: 15/01/2013
Much Does It Cost to Build a House in Niseko?

This is a question we often get asked at Hokkaido Real Estate. It forms an important part of a buyer’s decision making process: whether to buy land and build a house, buy an existing house, and/or renovate a property in the Niseko Ski Resort. Unfortunately, this question can be likened to 'How long is a piece of string?'

There is no firm agreement on pricing across different local companies for very good reasons. The endless minutiae and challenges involved with building a property in Niseko are extensive: from the materials used, the types of fixtures and fittings employed, heating systems, issues that are encountered during the project and so on. This means there are too many variables to take into account at the beginning of a project to provide 100% accuracy on a given price.

I would emphasise that the prices below are only approximations and the only way to get a really accurate picture of your build cost is to go to a few builders/project managers (please ask us for recommendations). Talk to everyone in Niseko! When talking to builders ask to:

  • See examples of their completed work
  • Ask endless questions (make sure they understand building in snow)
  • Ask the builder for testimonials from customers

Use this knowledge to compare build options on an ‘apples for apples’ basis.


Houses in this bracket can present very nicely. Key savings on cost are made by using standard sized windows, standard sized unit baths, standard kitchen sets, appliances, and off-the-shelf fixtures and fittings. To save money, the number of bathrooms/en-suite bathrooms would have to be kept at a minimum. In addition, materials would be on the cheaper end of the scale with less expensive woods, veneers as opposed to solid materials, standard doors, etc.

Approximate cost per square metre: 200,000 - 250000 JPY

This is a turnkey cost and includes architects fees, power connection and project management fees.


A step up from the economy style house in that there would be a higher grade of materials used, such as solid wood rather than veneers and there would be some custom features such as custom bathrooms, kitchens or other features. There may be a few non-standard sized windows and higher-end appliances. There would be overall more bathrooms and en-suites would tend to feature more in this kind of house.

Approximate cost per square metre: 250,000-300,000JPY

This is a turnkey cost and includes architects fees, link up to power and project management fees.


This would be a more ‘no holes barred’ house where materials are special/hard to obtain and custom features are noticeable all over the house. There could be original artistic touches in the house and evidence of superior interior design such as tiled surfaces, pieces of artwork, antique features, etc.

Approximate cost per square metre: 300,000-350,000 JPY and up.

This is a turnkey cost and includes architect’s fees, link up to power and project management fees.

In this calculation, do not discount existing homes for sale as you may find that built property may offer some excellent value and certainly an excellent measure for comparison. This also brings up the possibility of renovation and again building companies will be able to advise and provide examples of what they have done.

I would welcome comments!

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