FT Article - Japanese Debt Proves Attractive for Investors

Date Added: 21/01/2012
FT Article - Japanese Debt Proves Attractive for Investors

Two large bond issues by the Japanese government were heavily over-subscribed during the last week. A total of 8 trillion Yen was bought on Tuesday and Wednesday as investors continue to see Japan as one of the safe havens for investment in the wake of the downgrading of several sovereign countries in the EU zone in the past few days, notably France. Faced with continuing volatility, Japan is still regarded as a safe place to park your money particularly if your main priority is just getting it back. This kind of support of government bonds also helps underpin the ongoing strength of the Yen.

It is interesting to see that the investor perception of Japan is stil one of safety and stability and we feel that this contributes to the ongoing attractiveness of investing in property here in Niseko, Hokkaido.

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