Buying Tips

Each buyer has a different set of criteria, but certainly the following list should help you consider some questions to ask.

·         Is the land freehold (not all land in Niseko is freehold)?

·         What is the zoning of the land, and what implications does that have?

·         What are the building code guidelines for this area and this zoning?

·         Who is the vendor?

·         How long has the vendor owned the property?

·         Why is the vendor selling?

·         Consider whether you are concerned about capital growth potential, financial returns, or a combination of the two.

·         Check carefully for comparable sales of similar properties.

·         Ask for a summary of the vendor’s concerns, often you can achieve a better price by tailoring your offer to meet their needs (deposit size, settlement period and so on).

·         What are the total costs you are committing to (commissions, taxes, stamp duty, body corporate fees and the like)?


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